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To secure your applications, websites, and networks for your customers on any hosting platform for PHP, ask yourself what language or framework you should use for development. Given the numerous options available, this can be a very tough choice to make.

That said, using Laravel to create online stores, marketplaces and other web apps related to ecommerce has several advantages. Laravel is an open-source PHP web framework used to build web apps and web pages. It incorporates a smooth learning curve, excluding a few peculiarities of building with PHP, and has numerous cutting edge built-in libraries.

Laravel provides scalability, clean code structuring and great performance optimization for web applications. Moreover, the framework utilizes optimized security mechanisms to protect online stores from malicious attacks.

The global ecommerce industry boasts more than $22.1 trillion financial market share. For smooth operations, high performance and fast loading times, ecommerce business owners and organizations must choose the right hosting platform for their applications.

So in this tutorial, I’ll explain which platform is best suited for ecommerce apps, whether Laravel ecommerce or any other ready-made ecommerce CMS.